Friday, October 24, 2014

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 61

This week's prompt is - How do you measure success?

  • Can success be measured?
  • Medals or Trophies
  • Money or reward
  • Status
  • Personal Knowledge
  • Achievements
  • How others view you?
Can success be measured.. good question..
It depends really.. success is more of a journey than a destination.
If you're doing better than you were yesterday, then you're successful.
If you're kinder than you were yesterday, if you look for opportunities
to be kind , or to be helpful, then in my eyes you're a success.

I personally don't judge success by how much money someone makes or
has, although...good for them. :) I'm sure they work hard for that.

Medals and Trophies... you have worked hard to achieve them..absolutely
something to be proud of.

Personal Knowledge.. I have a friend who has gone back to school.. its hard,
but they are doing it.. I am so proud of them ..and yes, I feel that they are

How others view me... to be honest, I care too much.
No-one wants to be judged, and I get hurt easily by how I think
someone feels about me.
Would I like to change my way of thinking..I really, really would , because
when all is said and done, it shouldn't really matter how someone views me..
it should only really matter what I think, and what I think is, if I'm a wee
bit better than I was yesterday, if I'm kinder than I was 2 days ago, if my dreams
are a bit closer than 6 months ago.. if I'm happy, and those around me
are happy.. if  I made a goal, and can say in my heart, YES !! I've done it,
then maybe, just maybe I'm a success...

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