Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 62

  • Family that are like friends
  • Family that are like acquaintances
  • Friends that are like family
  • Friends that are new, but seem old ones!
  • Family members that are like strangers
  • Emotional links to generations past?

  • Does it matter how we feel about the friends and family we have?
    Is it a case of when the times comes family comes first?
    Define good friends
    How do you distinguish friends -

    • real
    • virtual 
    • colleagues
    • long term friends
    • does it not matter
    So this prompt  has made me emotional.. I know... again...
    I kind of carry my emotions on my sleeve.

    I LOVE my friends...
    First : Family that are like friends..

    I would say my cousin Agnes...  growing up I didn't really know her
    that well. I mean , I knew she was my cousin and everything, but I was still
    younger when she got married and moved to the States.
    Since I got married and lived in Canada, and I cant remember how I
    found her, but maybe her dad ( my Uncle George ) gave me her number,
    and I called her. Since then, I feel a connection with her..I love her like
    the family she is, but she has also listened to me, when I just needed someone
    to listen.. like a I also love her like a friend..its great to have both.
    In saying all of this.. not sure if she feels that same closeness that I do, and
    we haven't seen each other since we were young.. but did I say I LOVE HER !!

    :)                                              This is Agnes now.. so kind
     This is when she was younger... beautiful either way .
    Family that are like acquaintances :
    Of course I have family that are like acquaintances..don't we all.
    Its family we don't know as well.
    I wish I knew all my family well, that wasn't the hand I was dealt..
    Friends that are like Family :
    I would have to say that Heather is like family..
    We used to talk every day, but these days we don't.
    I thought the older we got, the more life slowed down..I would
    have to say for me, its been the opposite.
    This is Heather with her youngest grandchild..
    She has to be the kindest, most forgiving person you will ever meet.
    I'm so happy she's my friend..
    She has stood by me, even when I was unloveable, she
    cared about me anyway
    We have a joke that when we die, we will have a cell phone in
    our coffin, so we can still talk to each other.. :)
    I also have a group of friends from way back when..
    There names are,,,
    Rosina, Stacy, Jean, Jim, Ken, Tom, Lisa, Agnes, Dawn, Ailene ,Malcolm.
    Helen, Tina, May, Chris, Vivian, Tin, Mun
    I hope I haven't missed anyone..if I have, I'm sorry..
    Also.. from way back  (in Canada )..
    Pam, Jim, Gary, Elinor, Karen, Heather, Marcio, Ted
    I know there's more, and I will add later..
    There's a saying that people come into your life for a reason
    or a season.. and isn't that the way it is...
    I am so Thankful for the things I have learned from
    the friends I have  /  had.. all have taught me
    something.. ALL have a special place in my heart..
    I love them.
    Family members who are like strangers :
    I envy the families who are all so close.. its what I've
    always yearned for.. its what I still yearn for.
    but reality isn't like that.
    Strangers or not, I am still so glad that they are
    my family.. I would still want the closeness, but
    as I said before, life doesn't always go the way we want.
    Emotional links to Generations past :
    I absolutely have emotional links to generations past.
    My McCulloch grandparents that I grew up not
    really knowing, but wish I did.
    My dad's real mum, that I also didn't know.
    My McGowan Great Grandparents.
    I have this sense of family whenever I think of them all.
    Like , even though I don't know them.. I feel this
    closeness.. this warm feeling that starts in my
    heart, and goes through my whole body.
    They are my Family.. part of them flows in me.
    I know I have used the word Love a lot here..
    and I'm really not using it lightly
    I Love Them All......
    Does it matter how we feel about the friends and family we have?

    Yes it matters.. it matters about the relationship we have with each other.
    It matters if its a good or a bad relationship.
    It can hurt us terribly when things are not good.. it changes
    who we are, and changes how we feel. If its not good,
    it makes us angry, resentful, and that's not good for our relationship
    with each other.
    Is it a case of when the times comes family comes first?

    Depending on the situation, or what is going on..
    but yes.. family comes first...

    Define good friends:

     "A good friend is a single soul, dwelling in two bodies "

    It is someone you trust, you love, that you can be yourself with.
    Someone you can pour your heart out to and knowing
    you wont be judged.. its someone who wont intentionally
    hurt you..

    How do you distinguish friends :
    • real
    • virtual 
    • colleagues
    • long term friends
    • does it not matter
    I would say all of the above.

    I am so thankful for the many friends I have had in my life..
    I'm a lucky girl


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