Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 52

This week's prompt is - Inherited Items

There is something very special about inheriting an item from a family member. It doesn't have to be the riches, in terms of monetary value, or in the finest condition. Sometimes, just knowing that an item has stood the test of time in whatever shape it is now, is enough.

That link between the past, present and future as you in turn pass it along.

This week share those thoughts, memories and pictures. Lets having a trip down memory lane as with the passing along of each item there is always memories attached.

There really is something very special about inheriting something..
My dad gave me a Burns poetry book, that was given to my Grandfather.
I think it was for Sunday School, so it is very old...... the problem is it has fallen apart..
if I knew how to get it fixed, I would.

When my Gran died, my dad also sent me her bible, which I still have.
Its small and is in the same box it came in.
Whenever I look at it, I always think of her..

Something else I inherited is a ring.  It belonged to Ken's aunt.
She was very ill at the time and she gave it to me, and she told me that
she wanted it kept in the Redpath name... I love it !!
I am actually going to be passing it on to my daughter in law very soon.

I also have a 5 pound note ( Scottish ).. I think it was my dad who
gave it to me

Its so special to have these things, and of course seeing them makes
me think of the person who it belonged to.  
Having them also means a lot to me..

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