Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Book of Me... Written by You... prompt 7

The prompt for this week is.... Grandparents

What were their names?
Where were they from?
Were they related? – Cousins perhaps
Where were they born? Another County or state/area?
What did they do?
Did you know them?
What was your relationship with them?
If you didn’t know them have you researched about them?

I was named after my Mum's mother... my Mother's parents lived in Dundee, Scotland where I lived till I was around 5 years old.
This is Norah O'Brien ( McCulloch ) and Thomas Boyd McCulloch.. my Mother's parents
Because I was young when my parents divorced, I don't remember them too much... but what I know, I love...  I remember black wallpaper with flowers on it.. they had it on some walls in their house.
I have been told that my Gran was the life of a party... always singing etc.
I think My Grandfather has the most kindly eyes in this picture..
My Grandfather was born September 12, 1905, and died September 10th, 1973
My Grandmother was born December 2, 1907, and died July 25th, 1972
I really wish I had known them as I was growing up... I was their first Grandchild... it's funny though, because when I see their picture, it always jogs something in my memory, even though I don't remember them exactly.
My Father was a twin... his sister died not long after she was born.. my Dad's Mother also died.
This is a picture of her
Her name is Agnes McGowan... my cousin Agnes is named after her...
Another cousin sent me this picture after his Mother ( My Aunt Helen ) died, and the feelings I felt when I got it were overwhelming, because I was able to put a face to the name.
I know that she was very much loved and missed by her children when she died...

The only Mother my Father knew  Catherine Brown Greves..
My Grandfather David Scott Newman married her on the 6 December 1940.
Of course she was the only Grandmother I remember... and I love her so much.
I remember she always had a Budgie... and always took good care of it.
When my parents were divorced, we lived with my Gran and Granda Newman... always thankful to them for letting us stay with them... I got to know my Gran so well because of this... She was a church going woman...always took me with her... I remember always getting up and singing, I must have embarrassed her, many a time, but I always felt her love.... always !!

My Grandfather had this dog... I think its name was Laddie.
My memories of my Grandfather was that he always looked stern, but then he was older and he had a Granddaughter living with him ( me )... that is always hard
I don't remember an awful lot about him... I was young when he died.
I'm so glad I wrote about my Grandparents today... it has stirred up some feelings in me, and makes me miss them...  I am so Thankful for the family I have... I'm glad they're mine


  1. Nora - this is a beautiful post and they are lovely photos. Your talking about your grandparents and their pets is a good trigger for me and my next post. I must remember to talk about my grandmother and her various pets over the years. Thank you.

  2. Being able to put a face to the stories is always emotional. I agree with what Alex said above.