Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Book of Me... Written by You... prompt 6

The prompt for week 6 is Journals and Diaries

Do you keep a journal or diary?
How far back do they go? What do you record?
Where do you keep them?
Do you always buy the same one or vary them?
Have you inherited any?
Do you intend to pass along your journals or destroy them?
Do you have a favourite?
What do you use to write with – biro, pencil, ink or fountain pen?

This is a hard one for me... because although I kind of call myself the Family Historian... I don't really keep a journal... I have tried. I have a journal that I started sooooo long ago... still lots of unwritten pages in it. Its always been one of those things that I have procrastinated about.  My descendants will not find out much about me through that ( unless I change ) :)
But hopefully this blog will fill in all the details eventually that they can read ..
Even though I don't write in a journal, I do like to write lists.. I even write lists for my lists... cough, cough
I have a little black book that has lists in it from Thanksgiving and Christmas from the last few years..

Yes... I even write down gifts I'm buying etc... hehe

I'm also a picture taker... I take pictures of everything... put it all on Facebook...I know, I know
I even take pictures of my dinners sometimes... eg:
I made chicken pot pie for dinner the other night... first time to make it, so of course have to document it ..

I have a book that I have had since 1974... in it, are poems I may have liked, or the words to songs that I loved from The Bay City Rollers, Osmonds, David Cassidy,Bread Simon & Garfunkel ...well you get the picture, but what makes the book so special, is in the back,.. I have things that friends have written down. You see I left Scotland for England... and eventually left England for that book is so special.  I love looking through it, and reading some things I wrote, and also it just brings back memories of long ago days

I'm hoping that doing these prompts will instill other things in me, that I should be doing.. like a journal  :)


  1. Snap! I have a book like your red book, only it's blue :) I moved from one city to's special for me too. Lists. I do like a good list :)

    1. My book went from Scotland to England and to various places in Canada.. lol