Monday, October 21, 2013

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 8

Week 8 - The prompt is Time Capsule

1. You can choose who to create the time capsule for as that will influence what you put (or would put into your time capsule)

2. The creation of a time capsule...

a. you can do this in the literal sense or
b. you can simply write what you would place into your time capsule and why. It is much more fun to create though!

* You may choose to create a time capsule for your children, or a niece/nephew, for grandchildren – A physical item that you will give to a named person.

*Why have you chosen that person and when do you intend for them to have it?

*You may choose to create a time capsule of your home and leave it for someone in the future to find.

*You may want to create a time capsule relating to an actual event or anniversary

*If you create a physical time capsule, what did you choose to use as your capsule and why?
This one is a little bit daunting for me, but I have decided that I will not look at anyone else's responses... I want to figure it out myself...
I LOVE the idea of a time capsule... it tells a lot about the person doing it, in saying that, what do I want it to tell about me?
I think I would like to physically do one, but not sure yet if I will... but if I could do one for my Grandchildren...what would I put in it...what would I like to tell them about me.... what would I use to put these treasures..
First, I would have a beautiful wooden box, one that is detailed with carvings.. one that has purple satin inside... purple is my favourite colour.  Inside this box I would have a letter... a letter that tells them how much I love them.... I ALWAYS will ..
I would have a picture of their Grandpa and I on our wedding day
We were married in the Washington DC Temple... they could see, that we were young once too. :) hehe
I would put a piece of  the red Ross Tartan... that is the tartan that is the McCulloch side,, I want them to be proud that their heritage goes back to Scotland.
I love daisies... its my favourite flower.. I seem drawn to white flowers, but especially daisies, with their sunny yellow centre.. they look so I would put a picture of my favourite flower..
I have kept every passport I ever got... so I would put my British passport in it...they could see what I looked like when I first came here to this country... how young I was

Oh dear.... young and full of adventure to come to another country at such a young age.
I would put my cookbook in, where I have put some tried and true recipes
You never know... maybe they would be happy to try those same recipes...wouldn't that be wonderful
I think I would also put a picture of my home..... when they look at that picture, I hope what they remember is the good times there... a comfortable place... a place that maybe they miss..
What I wish I could put in it is all my love... all the love their wee hearts can hold, so as soon as they opened the box...that love hit them like a freight train... that they would have no reason to doubt that they are very much loved


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