Thursday, August 6, 2015

In Deep with the Book of Me... July 2015 Prompt

Bucket Lists

It is very 21st century to create a bucket list.

.. Do you have a bucket list ?
...Have you created a bucket list with a
particular purpose
...What sort of things are on your list
...Have you achieved any
Have you added to the list
What does the list mean to you ?

I  LOVE this prompt !!!
I'm a list maker anyway, so it only makes sense ( to me anyway ) that I would have
a bucket list.
I have a Bucket List board on Pinterest even...

When I was in my teens going to the USA was on my list of things I wanted to do.
When I was becoming a Nanny, deep down I hoped that I would get a job
in America, but I didnt. I was offered one in Toronto, Canada.
I knew that Canada was a neighbour to the USA, and so I took it.
Now I live in Canada, and have been to the States many times...I have'nt as yet
seen or been everywhere there that I wanted , but also some of my goals have changed as
to what I want to do or see.
Some things on my bucket list are  :
I would love to get tickets to see The Ellen Show

I would love to see the ball drop in Times Square, New York

I would love to see The Grand Canyon ( doing that this year )

I would love to see the Queen Mary  ( will also do that this Fall )

I want to send a message in a bottle.  I will do this, just not sure when yet..

I want to write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years.. I dont know
why I havent done this yet, but plan to do it soon.

I have started this, but have a long way to go.
We went to Johnstone's was beautiful,
and was awesome ( and tiring ) to do,,,,

I have lots more things on my list....

What does a list mean to me ?
It gives me something to plan...something to look forward to.
Its exciting adding to the list, but also exciting completing something.
Honestly, I think everyone should have one..
We all want different things in life... having
a list ( even if you think in your mind you cant achieve it ) still gives
you a purpose, and something to work towards... to prove
that you can do it !!!

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