Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Dad...

This is my Dad....
On May 14, 1988 he died...... 27 years ago.
So much has happened in that time  that I would have loved to share with him,
or ask his advice on... 27 years seems like a long time, and yet... I still remember it
like it was yesterday.
He wasn't perfect.. of course not.. but he was perfect for me.

This is him when he was a wee boy,

I remember shortly after I was married, I went back to Scotland on
holiday.  When I went to bed, there was a knock on
the bedroom door , and it was my dad, he
came in and sat on the edge of my bed and talked
to me, he then kissed the top of my head and tucked me in.
I felt like a wee girl again..I mean that in 
a good way..

My Dad and my step mum Bridie

He worked in the shipyards... I remember he actually saw
saw burn alive right in front of affected
him in a big way after that.

My Dad with my brother Andrew, my cousin Margaret and me....

I used to call my dad often.. I loved to hear his voice.
I would say that was one of the things after he died that I was
afraid of... not remembering his voice and what he sounded like....

My Mum, my Dad and me as a baby...

I regret not being able to go over for his funeral.  My passport had ran
out and I hadn't had it renewed yet.
I also wasn't a landed immigrant of Canada yet.
I called and asked the government if I could go over... they told me
that I could, but they wouldn't allow me back in Canada again..
It was hard for me... I cried so much... it hurt so much not being able to
go back to say my goodbyes..

My Dad and my Uncle George ( his brother )

What I hope is that he would be proud of me...
I hope he knew how much I loved him..

My Dad and I.....

He was only 57 years old when he passed away... he had had a lot
of heartache in that time..
I loved him...... I love him still
And I miss him so much... I'm not sad... I believe I will see him again,
and that is something to look forward to...
I love you Dad... to the moon and stars and back..

Archie Newman
March 1931 - May 1988

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