Thursday, August 20, 2015

In Deep with the Book of Me.. August 2015 prompt

Happy Memories

Many of us have happy memories, We recall them
from time to time when we are day dreaming,
sharing a memory with others or perhaps we
trigger a memory by something else completely.

What are your top five happy memories ?

First... these will be in no real order, and there are other happy memories, but this is
what comes to my mind right now..right at this moment.. tomorrow if you
asked me, I could probably give five more different answers. :)

Memory number 1....

My first Christmas in Canada.  I was a newlywed, We bought our tree and
decorated it together  We were making our own family was exciting.
I had never seen so many presents under a tree before with MY name on them..
The boxes were all shapes and sizes, all wrapped in different coloured Christmas
paper... I couldn't wait to open them...and so I did !!  Oops !!
Very, very carefully I might add/ and taped them back up so carefully as well :)
Because I was new to Canada, Ken had got me winter boots ( I had none )
and a new jacket to keep me warm in the cold winters we get here.  I must admit,..
that Christmas was such a happy time.
P.S.  I have never opened up any presents before Christmas again...the surprise
on Christmas day is much better

Memory number 2...

I think I was married about 6 months when I went back to Scotland.
I remember showing up at my dad and mum's ( Bridie ) door.....
I don't remember the circumstances as to why I stayed there one night ( I
was actually staying at my friend Jean's house )... what I do remember was,
I had gone to bed, and there was a soft knock on the door... it was my dad.
He came and sat on the bed to talk to me.  we talked and talked, and then before
he left the room, he tucked me in and kissed my forehead.  It made me feel warm
it made me feel so happy... it was just a small gesture, but made me feel
so, so happy.  I still smile when I think about it.
I love and miss my dad....

Memory number 3...

There was a bunch of us women at church who once a month or so
would go out to eat, but also get into some mischief... nothing bad...
Having grown up in Scotland I had never gone out to toilet paper anyone's house.
It really was good clean fun.. :)
Well here we were...all these women...we went to another friend's home.
Let the FUN begin. Sneaking around and throwing toilet paper up over
trees and bushes.  We were so quiet, yet giggly.
And then the one friend ( Wendy ) I dont remember the exact details..but I think
it was pots and pans she went to hang on their door or the mailbox..when we heard a HEY !!!
He had seen her shadow....I have never seen anyone run so fast.. jump into
the van ( she was the driver ) and drive off, just as he came out the door.
Maybe you had to be there...but we could NOT stop laughing !!
Funny memory  :)

Memory number 4...

Ken is from Ontario,,, when we were married a year we decided to move
out West, but in 1986 we moved back to Ontario for just 2 years.
It was a hard move, it was hard to get back on our feet...things were tough.
Anyway... it was a summer day and our son Paul who was young at that time
was with Ken... they needed to get the bus to another town as Ken was getting a car rental or something. The bus they were waiting for must have broke down because they
were waiting for such a long time.
Even though Paul was young, he had a lot of Faith... Ken was getting tired
of waiting and was also getting impatient, when Paul said.." Dad...I'm
going to say a prayer that the bus will come" Ken just went along with it..well
Paul folded his arms, closed his eyes and as only a child can... just said a simple prayer
that they were tired and could a bus please come now... he said Amen looked up,
and over the hill was coming the bus.  When Ken explained the story to me
later., I don't know..I just felt warm...proud... and even now its such a
happy memory that we still talk about.

Memory number 5...

When I left High School I went to work at a place called Wovenair..
( I wonder if its still there )..  We made goonies ( dressing gowns ) and I remember
there were Army vests we made as well.
Always the radio would be playing loudly, and always different people
would be singing loudly to the songs that were playing, as we were working.
I was one of those...I still love music !!
Whenever I hear Rod Stewart;s " Maggie May ", it always brings me back to that
time of my life when I worked there.
Does music do that to you ?
I can remember where I was and what I was doing when I hear certain songs.

" Because when you stop and look around...this life is pretty amazing"

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