Thursday, August 6, 2015

In Deep with the Book of Me.. June 2015 Prompt

Flags :

... Do you identify yourself with a particular flag ?
.... Is it different to the country where you live ?
....Is it different to the country of your birth ?

I identify myself with a few flags...

The Lion Rampant
( Scotland )

The St Andrews 
( Scotland )

Scotland is where I was born, so of course these flags would be important to me/

Union Jack
( Britain )

Being part of Great Britain, this flag is also important.

Canadian Flag

Canada is where I now live...
I would identify myself now with the Canadian flag... thiis country has been good
to me. My children were born here... I have been accepted here.
Its a beautiful place to live... with its wide open spaces, its rivers, mountains
and prairies.     I love my Scotland, that could never change, but I also
love my Canada... the true North strong and free.....
I have made my home here..

My heart loves the land of my birth.. I miss it.. terribly at times.
I always get choked up when I hear Flower of Scotland
I feel the same when I hear Oh Canada...

Should auld acqaintance be forget, and never brought to mind
Should auld acqaintance be forgot , and days of auld lang syne

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