Saturday, February 7, 2015

In Deep With The Book of Me...Prompt 2 - February 2015 - Explore. Dream. Discover

''Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the ones you did........ Explore. Dream. Discover.'' - Mark TwainThis prompt is probably a tough one. I don't believe we make wrong decisions, I believe that things that do not turn out as we expect them to present an opportunity for us to learn and develop further. To become stronger and better people.

Do you share that philosophy? Explore the prompt. Cast your mind back to decisions you made and things that you didn't do? Perhaps reflect on family decisions, things from previous generations?

Funny that this is the prompt for this month, because its something I have thought about on and off.

I'm sure we all can relate.....

I didn't go back to England or Scotland, which is something I thought I would do.... I don't have any regrets , but there are times that I wonder how my life would be different or similar to what it is now.
I had wanted to be a Nurse, if I didn't come to Canada as a Nanny, I wonder if I would have
pursued this.

The quote at the top, by Mark Twain .. I love it...makes me think.. makes me wonder
There are people who live life to the fullest, I do wish at times that I was one of those people.
I have a bucket list of things that I want to do before I umm... kick the bucket.
Some are easy, whilst some are a bit more challenging, but the fun thing is
when I do one, I can cross it off my list... there is something so satisfying when I am finally able
to cross something off.

Here are just a couple that I know will be crossed off in the next couple of years..

Hope you can guess what they are..  :)

This prompt somewhat reminds me of a Frank Sinatra song.. here is part of it..

" Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention "

In 1986 we as a family made the decision to move back out East to Ontario... Ken was able to transfer with his job, but all the expense of moving was on our shoulders.
We sold our house, but at the time, its when the market was really bad, and after paying
realtor fees there wasn't much money left.
We ended up selling most of our furniture, and off we went.
Our boys were all young at the time, our daughter who was older decided not to come.
Ken found a place to live in a small town outside of where he was working..
We moved in, and it was so bare with hardly any furniture.
Nothing seemed to be going right... our vehicle broke down, so Ken would hitchhike back
and forth to work, which was something we never thought would happen.
I hated living in the small town... we had brought our collie with us, but the landlord didn't want a big dog in the home, so we had to sell our family pet.. 2 days later she was hit by a car and died..I was devastated.  Before that, I had found out I was pregnant, I ended up having a miscarriage.
We moved into the city and lived in a small apartment, our daughter ended up moving back with us.. not long after, we found out she was pregnant.. she gave baby up for adoption which broke my heart.
Ken got a part time job as well as his full time one... he lost his wedding ring at the part time one... he was always working..
Our Christmas there was one where we didn't have much, we just bought for the kids, not for each other;
After 2 years of all the ups and downs, we moved back " home "
I'm telling this story because even after so many things that went wrong ( and there were a lot more ), there were also things that were right.
Yes , Ken was hardly there, but we cherished our time together when he was... we were also able to save to move back home again.
Yes Christmas was slim..BUT.. it was a happy Christmas. We had a lovely dinner, we spent it together, we laughed, we talked and we spent quality time as a family
Yes, our daughter gave her baby up for adoption.. BUT.. she went to a loving family that doted on her.
We lived in a small apartment, but we made it work.
My reason for telling this is..  we made the decision to move, and as tough and hard as it was, we have no regrets... we learned so much.
The best decision we made though, was when we moved back  :)

I'm not sure I've took this prompt in the direction it was supposed to go, but just wrote
what I feel... no regrets  :)

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