Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day

I love the different celebrations that we have... I love Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, St Patrick's Day... well.. you get the picture.  I know there are people who don't like the hype... we all know someone who complains, and I agree to a certain extent.  Talking about Valentine's day.. of course we shouldn't need a day to tell those or show those we love, that we love them... of course we should do that EVERY day.. why don't we ?

Well , there's work, and laundry, beds to be made, other commitments... LIFE.....
Of course those are not the best reasons, but they are reasons.... viable ones at that.
So Valentine's Day  ( even with the hype ) can be a good opportunity to show those,
tell those that we care about that we love them.

It doesn't have to cost a lot of money, or any money....  
Leave a love note... make a special breakfast / dinner
I think it was last year that I had different notes for Ken, and on each one
I told him what I loved about him...
use your imagination...  :)

Tonight, I was thinking back to my growing up years in Scotland.
Simpler times...  good memories..
We would send a valentine's card through the mail to someone we
had a crush on. On the envelope we would write verses for the mailman
and our crush ( or anyone else ) to read
I am going to put a bunch on here, because I want to remember them
and to keep them... so here goes :

I wish I was a cabbage, divided into two... the leaves I give to others, the heart I give to you

I wish I was a Rangers / Celtic scarf wrapped around your neck, and every time they scored a goal, an extra hug I'd get

Plenty of love, tons of kisses, hope one day I'll be your Mrs

 postie, postie dinnae tarry, take this tae the boy I'll marry

I wish I was an apple, hanging on a tree,and every time you took a bite, would mean a kiss for me.

I climbed the door and opened the stairs, said my pyjamas and put on my prayers, put off the bed and got into the light, and al...l because you kissed me goodnight

Look under the table, look under the lamp, if you want my initials, look under the stamp

Walnuts grow in Canada, apples grow there too, but it takes a place like Port Glasgow, to grow a nut like you

Postie, postie do not falter, this card may lead me to the alter..

Postie postie for a laugh, do the cha cha up the path

Gi coat, Gi, hat Gi,this, Gi that Gi love you Gi do, Gi hope you love me too.

Mrs Smith don't be mad...Its John I'm after,,,not his dad.....You can keep your cake...you can keep your bun..But Mrs Smith I want your son..

Postie Postie dont be slow, be like elvis, go man go

If by chance you know my name
All these kisses you may claim

Happy Valentine's Day


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