Saturday, January 17, 2015

Prompt 1 - January 2015 - Genealogical Plantation

Imagine you are planting trees that represent your family history.
  • What trees would you plant? 
  • What part of your family are represented by a specific tree. 
  • Why is that the case? - location, image, name?
Share your vision with us, perhaps if you are artistic you could draw your plantation.

Explore the ancestors and family members you are presenting. Illustrate with pictures and bring your genealogical plantation to life.

First . in my plantation, I think I would have the mighty Oak tree

Its branches strong and spread out... like my family..
Strong enough to hold us, and the many branches going every which way reminds me
of the different directions we have all took.
my Great Grandparents moved from Ireland  to Scotland... how hard it must have been, but how strong also they were.

I would also have a Maple tree...  I moved from Scotland to Canada , and have started our own wee branch of our tree here, so its only fitting.

For my South African side, I would have a Baobab tree..
My mother moved to South Africa, and I have siblings there....

I would also put Eucalyptus trees for my Australian side..
I have cousins and Aunts and Uncles in Australia on my McCulloch side....
I would also put Weeping Willows......
Like all families, we have had our fair share of sorrows
My Great Grandfather ( David McGowan ) worked
in a paper mill in Greenock.
He fell into the machinery and was killed..
He left behind a wife and a large family... how hard it
must have been for them.
My brother and his 5 year old daughter were killed in a fire
in 1993 in Greenock...
There are other sorrows.... the Weeping Willow  would
stand as a memory to and for those we love..
Last, I would have Christmas trees.....
The lit up Christmas tree, with the twinkling lights is each of
my ancestors... my family.... the love  I
have for them.. for each other.
Each twinkling light is a
reminder that each one is important
A light in our lives


  1. I love all the different trees and the reasons for choosing them.

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