Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Coal Man...

I remember when I lived with my Grandparents in Greenock, they had a coal fire.. my Gran would get up early every morning to prepare it and light it, so it was nice and toasty by the time we got up.
When my Father re-married and we moved to Kelburn Terrace in Port Glasgow, there was also a coal fire there.  My step mum always prepared and lit the the fire.
The coal was delivered, and since we lived at the top floor of the tenement building, the coalman had to carry the bag of coal all the way up...
I miss the simpler times, although, sometimes hard... they really were the good ol' days


  1. My farther. His ambition was to reach 5 ft lol . Used a pop crate to stand on to get bags off lorry.. sadly be gone 34 years

  2. this photo is of my granddad my mums dad from wales his name was William Haydon Davies I also have this picture in family albums he died boxing day 2002 at age 79