Saturday, November 16, 2013

The book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 12

 The Year you were born:

What happened....
Historical - internation, national & local
Family events...

I was born December 1955..
A couple of songs that were the top of the hit chart in the UK were  " Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets, and also "Christmas Alphabet" by Dickie Valentine..

Some movies that came out that year, are : Disney's movie, Lady and the Tramp, The 7 Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe, and Oklahoma with Shirley Jones, to name just a few.

In September of 1955, James Dean ( Actor ) died in a car crash in Cholame, California..

At the beginning of 1955, Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister in Britain, but left office in April 1955... when I was born ( in December ) the Prime Minister was Sir Anthony Eden.

Popular TV shows in Britain in 1955 were.... Dixon of Dock Green... it premiered in July
The Benny Hill Show premiered in January...and a children's show ( that I remember ) The Woodentops...

A couple of historical events that happened in my birth month in 1955 were... Cardiff was proclaimed the capital city of Wales December  20th
Barbra Streisand's 1st recording "You'll Never Know" at age 13.. December 29th

but I have to say that the biggest event that happened in the life of my family was
I WAS BORN... I was the first grandchild on my Mother's side

I'm the one on the right hand side with a ribbon in my hair...

I have enjoyed looking up this information pertaining to my birth year... fun to see what was happening at that time ...

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