Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving to Pleasantside...

When we lived In Kelburn, we lived beside
the River is a picture of it here.
The 2 pictures are from the site PG4U
and I had permission to use them.
At first when we moved here, My step mum's sister
Cathy and her husband Donald and their daughter Margaret
also lived there. My brother Andrew also came and
lived with us, but my sister Patricia stayed with
my Aunt and Uncle ( Cathy and George Newman )
They had lost a daughter and were already close to Tricia.
And I dont think she would have understood getting
taken from them, to come and live with us.
After awhile we moved to Pleasantside Avenue

There were three Avenues Sunnyside,
Pleasantside and Brightside... in the picture
those Avenues are the grey houses on the hill.
When I look at these pictures, it makes me miss
those days. I was fairly happy...we did'nt have much
but we did'nt need much either.
I have just skimmed through my growing up years,
but will come back and add on, as I remember things.
I will probably just write about it on other posts.

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