Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Book of Me... Written By You... week 3

This is the prompt for week 3

Your size – clothes size
Eye colour
Draw your hands
Finger Prints

Basically , describe yourself.... so here goes..

Starting at my feet... just the normal looking feet, except for the left, where 3 weeks ago I broke 2 toes ( tripping over my dog ), so still a wee bit swollen.

I have nice looking calves ( if I do say so myself ),moving upwards to my knees, both of which have scars on them...  I know the scars are from my childhood when I fell, but I cant remember exactly.  I know at the time, I lived at 18 Kelburn Terrace in Port Glasgow, Scotland.  Those were the days where I was running, and skipping and jumping and had the freedom a child has.

My stomach , once flat, now carries the stretch marks from the children I carried.
I have 3 boys... had 5 miscarriages, and we have a daughter that we adopted, who although there are no scars on my stomach from her .. I carry those scars in my heart.  I LOVE ALL my children..

My face... although not beautiful, is not ugly either.
My eyes are blue, and when I wear certain colours, the blueness of my eyes are accentuated.. I have been told that my eyes look kind..I love my eyes.
I have a scar on my chin... I remember exactly what happened.  It goes back to when I lived on Kelburn Terrace again.  My friend and I would climb up on the midden bins ( concrete garbage bin holders ) and jump down...there was glass there, my friend thought I had already got up and gone, and she jumped, and my face went into the glass.
My face has wrinkles..there are dark circles under my eyes where there used to be none... everything shoes on my face... if I'm happy, or sad, excited, face shows it all.

My hair is dark brown... I love dark hair, but the colour now comes from a bottle.
If I didn't colour my hair, I think I would have so much grey. I have been tempted to not colour it anymore, and just be me.

Under my hair, on the back of my head I have a big bump that was caused by swinging on metal handrails and my head hit the concrete edge of the stairs.... I also lived in Kelburn when this happened.

My arms are freckled, and so are my hands... my fingers are long, with a couple of fingers riddled with arthritis...
I am tall..5 ft 8 ( or 9 )   I wear a size 14 ( in Canada ) clothes.

When I look in the mirror, I don't look like the person that is in my mind...that person is younger, with not a sign of a wrinkle anywhere... but I also don't hate what I see.
Every wrinkle, or grey hair is me... it means I'm lucky to still be alive to have those things.

This post was harder than I expected... its hard to describe yourself, but thankful for the opportunity to do so..


  1. I'm avoiding writing mine. It is difficult to do and you have done really well and your descendants will thank you for it. You have made me remember a few things in the process so thank you.

  2. I found this extremely difficult, but thank you for your kind words x

  3. I'm avoiding mine but after reading everybody elses, including both of yours, I'm realizing we all deal with similar issues as we age and I am not the only one. Thanks for putting yourselves out there!